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Legend of the Highland Dragon: Cover

Legend of the Highland Dragon

Coming December 3rd, 2013!

In Victorian England, gossip is often as precious as gold. But the Highlanders are a more mysterious bunch. And if anyone found out that Stephen MacAlasdair really was, he’d be hunted down, murdered, his clan wiped out. As he’s called to London on business, he’ll have to be extra vigilant — especially between sunset and the appearance of the first evening star.

Mina just wanted to find out more about the arrogant man who showed up in her employer’s office. Some might say it was part of her job. She never thought the stranger would turn into a dragon right in front of her. Or that he’d then offer her an outrageous sum of money to serve as his personal secretary. Working together night and day to track a dangerous enemy, Mina comes to see a man in love is more powerful and determined than any dragon.

  • An outstanding read! A fast-paced, smartly written plot-fraught with danger and brimming with surprises-makes it impossible to put down. 4½ Stars, Top Pick! RT Book Reviews
  • The plot combines a cross-class romance with a mystical quest, neatly twining discussions of class differences with descriptions of magic. The relationship builds naturally and heatedly... Publishers Weekly
Lessons After Dark: Cover

Lessons After Dark

For years, Gareth St. John put his supernatural talent for healing in service to the British Army. Now he’s the doctor at Englefield, a very unusual new school that helps people with special “talents” learn how to hone their abilities. He thinks he’s equal to the challenge; he’s not so sure he can handle one of his colleagues.

Olivia Brightmore became a fake medium to support herself after her husband died, but her unexpected master of real magic led her to become Englefield’s newest teacher. Gareth’s scorn for her and her past makes her try and keep him at arm’s length, but somehow she can’t quite resist the urge to get under his skin.

Faced with students who can’t control their powers, the suspicions of the outside world, and something… strange… in the forest beyond the school, Gareth and Olivia must learn as quickly as they teach: about the world, and about each other.

No Proper Lady: Cover

No Proper Lady

  • Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year
  • Library Journal Best Book of the Year
  • RT Book Reviews Seal of Excellence and Finalist for Best Book of the Year

When a half-naked woman suddenly appears on his country estate, Simon Grenville doesn’t have time to be shocked. Demonic beasts are hot on his heels until the beautiful stranger unsheathes several knives strapped to her skin-tight trousers and kills them. As he stares at her fierce, heart-stopping face, Simon knows he’s in a hell of a lot of trouble…

Joan is from a time where demons run rampant and humanity is fighting for its existence. To prevent this terrible future, she is sent back to Victorian England to kill the magician responsible for unleashing the dark forces. But Joan is a soldier more used to sparring than dancing. To get close to her target, she’ll need Simon to teach her how to fit into polite society. Joan doesn’t mind practicing proper flirtation on Simon, but she can’t allow herself to be distracted by his gentle hands or devilish smile—the very future depends on it.

  • Cooper's inventive plot and tart wit blend together to create a magical romance. The Chicago Tribune
  • I was enthralled by this exciting fantasy. Beyond Her Book WW Ladies Book Blurbs
  • A stunning mix of new age and old school makes this one sensational! Fresh Fiction
  • I was surprised to learn that this is a debut novel... Very entertaining. Books and Quilts
  • A strongly written, well-constructed magical world with complex characters. Dear Author
  • Fresh and a little addictive... Once Upon A Chapter
  • A great read with caring, worthy characters. The mix of cultures (past and present) makes for a wonderful story. The Long and Short of It Reviews
  • Written with details, depths and has characters that will take your breath away. My Book Addiction and More
  • A nice twist on historical romance with a touch of magic. Drey's Library
  • Fun, exciting and different... too hot to touch and very enjoyable.
  • A surprisingly engaging and action packed read... Bookaholics Romance Book Club
  • Sexy, edgy, and stunningly inventive... will have readers begging for more. Library Journal
  • A genre-bending, fast-paced whirl with fantastic characters, a deftly drawn plot and sizzling attraction... 4½ Stars, Top Pick of the Month RT Book Reviews
  • A compelling debut that smartly mixes history, action, romance, and magic. Publishers Weekly